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About Us

While working for major logistics service providers during the internet boom of 1999/2000, the three founders of L4 Epsilon faced the challenge of meeting order-fulfilment demands from e-commerce and specialized retailing networks. They soon discovered that there was no existing process or solution adapted to meets these needs. They decided to invent the L4 Epsilon process, patent it and created L4 Epsilon™, a system based on the L4 Epsilon process and dedicated to e-commerce and multi-channel logistics.

Created in December 2001, L4 Epsilon was immediately attributed the OSEO (formerly ANVAR) label and received financial support from them as well as from major investors on the French stock market (Cita Gestion, CAPE, OTC, Asset Management and Seventure). The company developed very quickly as a publisher for the L4 Epsilon system software and as a logistics service provider dedicated to e-commerce and featuring the L4 Epsilon system of course. At the end of 2008, having proved the operational excellence of L4 Epsilon and having reached a critical stage in the growth of both of its activities (software publishing and logistics services), the company decided to concentrate on its publishing and sold its logistics services branch to the GT group (former L4 3PL, now L4 Logistics). L4 Epsilon currently has about 40 direct or indirect clients ranging from e-commerce, door-to-door selling and multi-channel distribution sectors, to store and boutique replenishment sectors.