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L4 Epsilon and its partners: working for e-commerce

We work with well-known names from the logistics sector, making sure we can cater to all our client needs. Each partnership, whether with technological businesses, software publishers, integrators or service providers, is approached by L4 Epsilon in a dynamic and collaborative manner.

How to become a partner? Contact us directly on +33 (0)1 39 20 90 00

Our technology partners

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BK Systèmes is the software vendor of the Speed WMS dedicated to logistics and warehouse management

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DHL Global Mail is the world’s leading provider of international postal solutions

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E Dentic offers identication and mobility solutions.

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The software that controls your shipments

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Generix Group markets a comprehensive flow management offering of innovative, high value-added solutions to optimise the value chain.

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L4 Epsilon is ISV / Software Solutions partner of the Microsoft group.

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Teliae offers solutions to manage transport and logistics information.

Our media partners

Autour des Médias

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Autour des médias is a PR agency founded in 2008. Its helps companies to manage and develop their communication with medias.


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I-Logistica is BtoB network website for logistics people.