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The Epsilon System

L4 Epsilon was created to respond to the specific requirements of tailored logistics: E-commerce, Multi-channel sales and Store-picking.

    L4 EpsilonTM is a robust and proven solution made up of a software package and sorting stations. You can run the complete order fulfillment process :

    -  Product identification
    -  Supplier receiving
    -  Parcel filling
    -  Packing
    -  Shipping
    -  Operational reporting
    -  Returns management

L4 Epsilon™ is a worldwide patented solution. More than 45 clients in E-commerce and Multi-channel retailing use it in a variety of industry sectors : textile, cosmetics, leisure, home furnishing, food, etc.

L4 Epsilon can manage B2B or B2C logistics flows. You can now easily organize and optimize your logistics to create flash sales, new services to customers, item postponement, etc. L4 Epsilon is your partner to accompany your activity growth

How does it work ?

Your logistics partner

Installation and start-up